A complete media activation offer

Use our media platform and its targeted traffic of 5M unique monthly viewers to launch your TV series and promote your platform offers. Our qualified traffic generates excellent performances, short/long term engagement and sustainable branding impacts for your series and brands.

If you are:

  • Agencies & media teams of platforms, studios and TVs launching new TV series and/or developing their share of voice and branding
  • Advertisers interested in targeting "SVODers", who spend two hours a day behind OTT screens and are so far not targeted with this usage

Our agile platform meets your needs with a 360° offer

  • Multiformats (website/app/social and podcast networks), multimedia(text/audio/video), multilingual (FR, EN, GE, SP, IT, PO, NL)
  • 2M logged users enabling precise segmentation and massive nano-influence activations
  • Adhoc TV series promotions or recurrent monthly activations
  • News and/or catalog promotional strategies
  • Performance or branding goals
  • Customized SaaS dashboards and weekly reportings built for each campaign with your KPIs (CPM, CRT, subscribers, platform’s reach, title performances and behaviors …)

Diverse and adapted formats

  • Edito: launch articles, interviews / podcasts, multi-title recommendations, analysis…
  • Media: native banners, site takeovers, audio/video preroll, interstitials, shared or dedicated newsletters...
  • Intelligence: campaign targeting, reporting and series performance review, possibility to complete with panels

Come and join them!

Tech specs

Use this specs guide to learn more about image dimensions and file sizes. The list includes specifications for skins, banners, and interstitials.


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