BetaSeries' mission is to provide media professionals with insights and tools to better understand, create and retain their audiences in the OTT era.

Our complete SaaS offer brings you unique insights on OTT audiences and usages (SVOD / AVOD), sales tools and a massive360° activation channel on an engaged community of TV series fans.

A targeted multimedia activation platform matching all your performance and branding objectives. We share with you our tools and expertise to optimize your acquisition, retention and monetization strategies.

The first forecast solution for your series projects to understand their potential, their audience & distributors targets and better pitch them thanks to our marketing insights. Turnkey customizable deliverables to be sent directly to your co-producer and buyer partners.

The only solution that gives you daily audiences for OTT series, their performances, audience targets and market trends as well as many useful KPIs on platforms’ audiences, usage and content offers. Our indicators are presented in a simplified and user friendly UX. Our algorithms access one of the biggest European market database covering 10 years of TV Series and movies usage, 2M profiles and 25,000 series titles with daily updates.

Test your series on our audiences to define their targets, their Unique Selling Points and prioritize your distribution platforms.

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