Use our media platform and its targeted traffic of 7M unique monthly users to launch your TV series and promote your platform offers. Our qualified traffic generates excellent performances, short/long term engagement and sustainable branding impacts for your series and brands.

You are:

  • A media agency or the media buy team of a platform, a studio or a TV launching new series and movies and developing its share of voice and/or its customer acquisition & retention strategy
  • An advertiser interested by the AVOD/SVOD users segment spending today more than 2 hours per day on OTT screens

Our agile platform meets your needs with a 360° offer

  • A multiformat offer (web/app/social networks/radio-podcast) with multimedia assets (text/audio/video) in several languages (FR, EN, GE, SP, IT, PO, NL)
  • 3M logged users enabling precise segmentation and massive nano-influence activations
  • Adhoc TV series campaigns or recurring monthly activations
  • News and/or catalog promotional strategies
  • Performance or branding goals
  • Customized SaaS dashboards and weekly reportings built for each campaign with your KPIs (CPM, CRT, subscribers acquisition, platform’s reach, titles performances and behaviors …)

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Technical specifications

  • Editorial formats : pitch articles, interviews / podcasts, multi-title recommendations
  • Media assets : banners, take-overs, audio and video preroll, interstitials, shared or dedicated newsletters
  • Marketing Intelligence : targeting based on site analytics and/or pixel measurements (for retargeting), full reportings including exclusive informations about titles performances, ad-hoc panels

Use this specification guide to find out more about image dimensions and file sizes. image dimensions and file sizes. The list includes specifications for skins, banners and interstitials.

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