Exclusive live audiences and benchmarks on tv series and platforms

To whom ?

  • Marketing teams – OTT platforms, TV, distributors and producers
  • Institutions, analysts


  • Analysis of usage among active BetaSeries members (3M open and active accounts, of which 300,000 are analyzed monthly)
  • Analyzed base: 37,000 series over 10 years of use, 131,000 movies
  • Easy-to-use SaaS access

Our deliverables & insights

We cover the following countries France, Germany, Spain, Italy (under development), Poland (under development)

Top series rankings (per week, month, year)

  • By date, duration, number of seasons, platforms, country... On current and upcoming series
  • With audience segment graphs

Series performance

  • Audience segmentation and benchmark on platform's audience profile
  • Interest and title reach analysis per season to estimate title performance on its acquisition & retention compared to other titles on the same platform or any other.
  • Affinity series segment (based on real usage) Benchmark with other series
  • Simulation of distribution on other platforms
  • A lighter service is available on movies

Platforms & users

  • Platforms audience profiles
  • Catalogs profile and offer & demand per platform
  • Benchmarks between platforms

Genre performance

  • Audience segmentation, average lengths and usage shares on all genres
  • Titles export and comparison between genres
  • We cover the following countries : France, Germany, Spain, Italie (in development), Poland (in development)

OTT Audience segments analysis

  • Analytics per age, gender, usage profile (occasional to heavy users)
  • Platforms preferences per profile, most popular genres
  • Benchmark mode between 2 profiles

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