Contextual targeting

BetaSeries offers a variety of contextual targeting options designed to maximize the relevance and effectiveness of your advertising campaigns within our TV series-loving audience. Our targeting options are designed to align your messages with the content consumed by our visitors, ensuring a respectful and engaging user experience.

Targeting options available :

  1. Genre :Targeting based on series or film genre (e.g. science fiction, drama, comedy, thriller). Ideal for advertisers looking to align their products with specific interests.
  2. Platform :Targeting based on the streaming platform (e.g. Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+) or TV channel (e.g. CANAL+, TF1, M6) that broadcasts the series. This option enables advertisers to specifically target fans of content broadcast on particular platforms or channels, facilitating a direct association between users' preferred viewing location and the ads presented.
  3. Target audience:Demographic targeting based on the series' core audience (e.g. young adults, families). Allows advertisers to target specific audience segments.
  4. Trend:Targeting based on current trends and what's new in the world of TV series. Suitable for temporary campaigns or campaigns linked to specific events.

The benefits of our contextual targeting :

  • Alignment with users' interests:Guarantee that your ads are relevant to the content consumed, improving engagement and reception of your message.
  • Privacy:A method that complies with data protection regulations, with no use of cookies to track users.
  • Flexibility and personalization:A wide range of targeting options enable you to customize your campaigns to meet your marketing objectives.

These contextual targeting options are best used for long-term campaigns, for example to highlight a specific catalog, a subscription aimed at a specific target or an exclusive offer.

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